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Solo the Uldaman Master Enchanter as a Warlock


Tzuzeku and Annora, Master-Enchanter

First, since I'm so unreasonably proud of myself, here's my official portrait posing with Master Enchanter Annora after soloing Uldaman's back door as a mid 40s Warlock.

So, how to do it.

A lot has been written about this particular adventure that I'm not going to repeat.

Everyone rightly recommends that you bring enough materials to raise your enchanting skills quickly from the 225 ceiling, at which you've probably been stuck for ages, to the 250 level of the last enchant Annora has to teach. Otherwise, you'll have to get in twice, which is hardly recommended.

The only thing I have to add to the material recommendation is that you not remember the dust but forget your wand! Yes, afraid that's exactly what I did. And so I did indeed have to run this gauntlet twice!

You also can find your own way through the Badlands to the back door of Uldaman. No need to worry about the creeps outside and in the tunnel to the instance entrance. Unless you want to kill them for experience or drops, just blow on by and into the instance itself.

Once inside, you can go ahead and open the big doors at the end of the safe entry chamber in which you find yourself, for a view of the Big Trouble that awaits you on the other side. Just make sure you back away after triggering the opening. You wouldn't want to step right into that huge Obsidian Sentinel standing between the two columns directly ahead.

For an overall view of the problem, take a look at the map below.

Uldaman Map to Master Enchanter Annora

Aside from the various dangers I've indicated on the map (and a host of others I haven't), the most important thing to note is that there is actually a Safe Spot where you can stand and prepare to attack the pit full of nasty, but non-elite (34ish) scorpids that you need to clear before Annora will appear.

While you're still standing safely in the instance entrance, use that Eye of Kilrog to check out the route, the miners and beasties along the way, and get the turns and that Safe Spot destination firmly in your mind.

Here are a couple of pictures of that Safe Spot.

From the spot, looking over the edge, you can just see the red hostile label of one of the just shy of a dozen scorpids festering about there.

Safe Spot By Master Enchanter Scorpion Pit

Looking from above and backward, you can get a better view of the Safe Spot layout as a whole and see a couple of the corridor crowd, scorpids and bats, through which you have to pass to get there. There are basillisks along the way as well, spawning in random alternation with the other corridor critters, so you won't know which or how many of each type until you get there and check it out for yourself. That's what that Eye of Kilrog is for! Warlocks hate surprises.

Safe Spot By Master Enchanter Scorpid Pit

At this point, you have a big decision to make....

If you have faith that, once there, you could just drop some potions, power up with scrolls, wade right into the pit, sacrifice your voidwalker, and Hellfire/Rain of Fire that pit of 34ish Scorpids all in one go, you're a better Warlock than I. All you have to do is make sure your Soulstone is set and make a run for the Safe Spot with the vast mob howling at your heels. It can be done. Once you get there and get slaughtered, just ressurrect and have at those scorpids in the pit.

However, if your vanity gets the better of your judgement and you can't take out that pit in one go, you'll have a 30 minute wait before you can use another Soulstone to try again. Good way to a long, tough afternoon, since this is an instance and you'll have to respawn at the entrance.

Fortunately, there is another, though similar, way for the more judicious to get to the Safe Spot, and prepared in advance for any misadventure in taking out the Master Enchanter's scorpids.

The key is to take out the 2 Miners working in a raised section to the right of the Obsidian Sentinel along the path indicated on the map above. Once this is done, you can make the same desperate run to the Safe Spot by the Enchanter's pit, as described above. Let the howling mob kill you there, then ressurrect.

But! Instead of going right for the scorpids in the the Enchanter's pit, work your way backward through the corridor, killing everything in your path, one by one, until you reach and kill the 1 Miner marked on the map above.


Because now when you fail to kill all the scorpids in one go, you can respawn and run safely from the instance entrance all the way to the Safe Spot. Just follow the route on the map and you will not draw aggression from either the Obsidian Sentinel or the 3 linked miners working just behind him.

Now, with the pathway cleared, however many ghostly trips across the Badlands it takes, you can summon the Master Enchanter -- guaranteed -- even if you have to beat on those scorpids one by one with a stick.

A couple more hints:

(1) Use the Eye of Kilrog to spot and light up the pair of miners to the right of the Sentinel, one by one. Then send in your imp, around the corner, to make just one hit before you recall him to you. The imp won't aggro the Sentinel and will draw one miner at a time through the door to you. One by one, they are easy kills.

If you don't want to try the inside-out technique describe above, you can run now to the raised work area those two miners used to inhabit and, from there, try to kill the solitary miner in the beginning of the corridor and then work your way through, killing critters one by one, to the Safe Spot.

(2) Do not mess with the Useless Scorpid Pit along the way. You can and should pass right on by. If you could easily kill that many scorpids just for fun, you wouldn't still be reading this How-To.

(3) Do not use your Big Blue Oaf, the Voidwalker, in the corridor to the Safe Spot. He is a blunt instrument and should never be used for precision work. That's imp work. Using the Voidwalker in or near the corridor will only draw the scorpids from the useless pit down on you in one big frenzied mass, along with nearly every other creature lurking up and down in branches to the side of the path to the Enchanter.

Master Enchanter Annora of Uldaman

Afterwards, you too can "rest on your laurels" outside Master Enchanter Annora's tent, an accomplished instance soloist!




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