Shopping Everlook: Qia's Goods


Qia have I got a deal for you

Qia: "Can I show you my wares?"

The key to shopping Everlook, in remote, forbidding Winterspring, is to do it early and often. Yes, that means, as in other Goblin towns where vendors stock occassional, more glamorous goods as well as their steady wares, that getting there "first" or hanging about is the name of the game.

But it also means finding your way to Everlook your first time as early in virtual life as possible. You can't take advantage of Everlook's or much of the world's shopping and marketing opportunities, if you're afraid to reach for them before you reach the so-called appropriate level.

And aside from any financial or experience rewards, I personally find sneaking in and out of places one's "not supposed to be," for one reason or another, one of the most thrilling aspects of World of Warcraft's virtual reality.

The easiest way to get to Everlook your first time is to depend upon the kindness of strangers - bribes help! - or sympathetic guild members already in Everlook in proximity to a friendly or, again, bribable warlock with a spare moment and a spare shard. You can be summoned, pick up the flight path, get there earlier in you career and avoid the manhem and terror of legging it through Felwood as a highly squishable scrap of a mere 20-30 something.

But as a Warlock, I say to you, "Honestly, have you ever known a Warlock, friendly or not, to have a spare shard?" Shards, yes. Spare shards, no. Maybe you know a very few, but I guarantee they resent and regard you with suspicion ever after.

Therefore, better, and better the experience, to get there yourself....

To do it, it's only necessary to be ready and willing to die. Most players will go to elaborate lengths to prevent their characters from dying; to safeguard them from harm by avoiding tasks and journeys until levels when danger and likely death have long since fallen away.

But where's Death's sting for we Undead? Charge ahead.

The first time run -- and I do mean "run" because this can and should be done before you get a mount -- leads from Ashenvale up and all the way through the length of Felwood. Consult any map. Yes, Felwood is a scary place, where the creatures lining and sometimes intruding upon the road will all be deadly "skulls" to your poor weak self.

But your lowliness is also the key to your larger safety. Whatever the bears and beasts might do nipping at your heels, your worthless corpse can bring no Honor to anyone you're likely to meet along the way! Numerous times, on such runs, my pathetic Undead hide has actually been rescued by high level Alliance travelling through, amused and moved to pity such a little one upon such a dangerous journey.

Finally, at the northern most border of Felwood, you reach the Timbermaw Furbolg tunnel which leads to both Moonglade and Winterspring. To travel this tunnel safely, you need sufficient reputation with the Timbermaw Furbolg, which you are not likely to get until you are sufficiently powerful to kill their adversaries and perform other high level quests.

So here is where being ready to die pays off. Forget the warnings, just start running. The Timbermaw who attack you are relatively slow and positioned in pairs and groups at intervals in the tunnels. You'll be able to blow by a good number before the howling pack trailing at your heels drags you down and savages your bones. Then all you have to do is ghost run back and ressurrect at the furthest point from your corpse in the direction you wish to travel.

One or two deaths and evermore you will be flying into Everlook.

approaching everlook

Flying into Everlook.

Qia carries the full line of trade goods, but her most important are the specialty and occasional:

Pattern: Runecloth Bag1.20g
Pattern: Runecloth Gloves1.60g
Pattern: Mooncloth2.00g
Pattern: Frostsaber Boots1.60g
Recipe: Monster Omelet1.20g
Formula: Enchant Chest - Major Health1.60g

Even if you don't need or can't yet use these goods, they often resell for a decent markup on the Orgrimmar Auction House. The best, because safest speculative goods, of course, are ones you can't yet but soon will be able to use: Little risk in attempting a resale, when one can use failure oneself.

For added shopping convenience, Qia is located in the same building with Everlook's long-time Banker and more recent Auctioneer Grizzlin.

everlook banker time is money friend

"Time is money, friend."

Auctioneer Grizzlin and the Goblin Auctioneers in Gadgetzan and Booty Bay are the folks to see if you are in the market for Alliance-only goods, such as Cats and Horned Owl pets, or if you want to try your hand at selling the numerous Horde-only goods to the other side.

everlook auctioneer

Auctioneer Grizzlin -- the silent type.

Before leaving Everlook, don't forget to drop in on the town Alchemist Shop, where Superior Healing Potion and Superior Mana Potion are frequently available at vendor prices well below what Alchemists usually make at auction. Available quantities are small, but even one picked up helps defray the price of a trip to Everlook.




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