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Role Playing on RPPvP and PvP Realms

Role Playing PvP - RPPvP

Surfin' Ratchet

Deadtara Surfin' Ratchet

Having never inhabited any of World of Warcraft's role playing realms nor ever played any other online or, for that matter, off-line games with a role-playing component, despite my ripe old gamer's age, I [copula] no veteran wizard or warrior of any the many Evil Spawn d'Dungeons & Dragons, paper and weird dice, face-to-face, role-playing legacy -- Not I.

None of that, I would, at first blush, seem the last person fit to conjecture upon the state or nature, or whatever else you might here have, of role playing on a World of Warcraft RPPvP Realm, in the instant, my ever-present-to-me case upon Lightninghoof. Though my World of Origin be Dethecus.

I respectfully disagree, for one and only one reason: that my shame in playing a role, in not knowing my way, not knowing how to feel my way, as I and as almost already->{!} every last one of us do in "real life," on its face, qualifies me at least to snipe from the shadowy shallow end of the pool, one amongst the we, the great unwashed, the unleavened mass of potential role-playing converts.

How many Scarlet Converts and other reaches of their insideous Order, have I, Undead, slaughtered in Her Name across my proliferating lives?

SuzyQ as The Man in tthe Moon

SuzyQ, Moonlighting as Wicked Witch of the West




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