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The Silvermoon Sisterhood is a World of Warcraft guild in the early stages of development on the RPPvP (Role Playing & Player versus Player) Realm of Lightninghoof. Membership is limited to Undead Female and, now, with the release of The Burning Crusade expansion, Blood Elf Female avatars.

The Silvermoon Sisterhood is an avowedly pacificist guild, pursuing ideals of non-violence in a world that crys for war and striving for peace between Horde and Alliance, outside the honorable pas d'armes of battlefields or any other less formal duel or tournament à plaisance that time and the mutual respect of players across faction might accomplish.

As all our legends and history teach us, the Great Evil that threatens us all is of neither Horde nor Alliance making, but comes from outside, delighting in our path of blind mutual destruction. As all the experience of our own lives teaches us, day by day, we kill and are killed, time and again, time and again, but always to no avail. The path of the killer has no end, brings no peace, no security, no satisfaction, and but for a very, very few of the most vicious amongst us piles up neither wealth nor honor.

We live and die in a Fool's Valhalla of senseless death and wanton destruction. So long as we strive for what neither Horde nor Alliance can ever accomplish -- each other's final destruction -- so long shall we fight and die to delight Great Evil and only to discover that, Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead, Blood Elves, WE ARE ALL FORSAKEN.

The Sisterhood enjoins its Sisters to put into actions and not mere words the noble sentiment of Death before Dishonor.

To spread our message of peace, non-aggression and mutual respect to Alliance fighters, to those who cannot be reached by words as they do not share our language, Sisters must be prepared to accept death at their hands rather than run or fight back when dishonorably attacked. The recommend response to attack or threat of attack is to bow or salute and, if the assailant persists, to sit or lie upon the ground. Warlocks and Hunters must also call off their minions.

As we Undead know especially, there can be no dishonor in such a death for such a cause. Rather it is the assailant who dishonors him or herself through the shameful display of mercilessly beating upon one who, in fact and in gesture, is already a passive corpse. Death? Fear not. Embrace the Shadow!

Those practiced in the arts of non-aggression can testify from experience that a surprising number of Alliance, to all appearance ruthless deathdealers, will see the light mid-attack and halt themselves rather than deal the final shameful blow.

Further, The Sisterhood encourages its Sisters to pursue their own enlightenment by extending, as far as practicable, the gesture of non-violence and non-aggression to the other humanoids, beasts, elementals and even demons of our land.

This encoragement is not meant to preclude or disparage those deaths necessary for one's own safety or advancement in discipline, nor those entailed in the ordinary, life-sustaining activities of farming or otherwise harvesting nature's abundance. But it does ask Sisters to consider carefully and respectfully each death they cause, asking if necessary or unneccessary, avoidable or unavoidable.

Those practiced in the arts of non-aggression can testify from experience to the subtle pleasures of accomplishment and inner peace to be obtained simply by crossing the beautiful and sublime landscapes of our Azeroth, to whatever destination, without killing or drawing the aggression of even one of its many beings along the way.

This path of peace is, not incidentally, also the path of prudence and safety. For nothing so marks one's presence in a place to vile, unenlightened Alliance predators hunting Horde as prey as leaving heaps of fresh corpses strewn across the land wherever one goes. Those who kill in this way for pleasure or out of mere boredom with themselves, often reap what they have sown, meeting sooner or later with killers as senseless as themselves.

In its steadfast pursuit of peace and non-aggression between Horde and Alliance, The Sisterhood recognizes that the most noble method of communicating those aims, by example of one's willingness to show respect and to die rather than respond to a wanton attack, may not be effective with the most vicious, unenlightened and ignoble Alliance fighters.

The Sisterhood's response is twofold, with, naturally, some division of opinion as to whether both paths are of equal merit or effectiveness.

First, to persist in our example of personal sacrifice in the faith that, as our guild's name and purpose spreads among the Alliance, the most enlightened amongst them shall succeed, increasingly, in shaming and thus restraining their own most unfortunately deluded fellows who expect accomplishment and praise for dealing death where it is neither feared nor resisted. The "Pure School" followers of Sybil Azzara pursue this path exclusively, denying the legitimacy of the second.

Second, as time and circumstance shall warrant, the Sisterhood shall give license to its members, individually but preferably in Parties of Vigilance formed for the purpose, to teach the most recalcitrant, repeat Alliance offenders the error of their murderous ways through sanctioned acts of terror, even unto death. In these necessary actions, the prefered course of terminating any such determined enemy of peace is always to do so with the least self-aggrandizement: better to frighten an offender into flight so precipitate that he is dragged down and killed by the beasts of the field, without credit to oneself, than to bloody one's own hands with his loathesome self. This more lethal, dangerous path toward peace is sanctioned, with reservation, by Inquisitor Tzuzeku, but only for those well-advanced and of proven accomplishment along the first path.

Woe unto any Sister who raises, even for so little as an hour, the second, special license into the place of honor and preeminence accorded the practice and discipline of self-sacrifice, of embracing Death before Dishonor. She who does so dishonors, renders ineffective, and risks reversing the most noble efforts and achievements of The Sisterhood, as well as of each and every last one of her Sisters. She who commits such a fundamentally selfish error of judgment must either mend her ways, immediately upon instruction, or be cast out as a danger to all.

In matters of appearance, especially at designated public and private gatherings, the prefered colors of The Silvermoon Sisterhood are white and gold, like its tabard, or any other aesthetically pleasing combination designed to highlight the wearing of that tabard. the prefered pet or "familiar," is the Silver Tabby.

Sisters are recommended to speak the language of the Undead whenever in public, except when specifically called upon to address those who cannot speak it. Our business is our business. We need not flatter ourselves that others need be entertained by it, nor flatter the lower orders that are Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren that they might fully comprehend our every purpose could they but parse our speech.

Pst "Inquisitor" Tzuzeku (GM), "Sybil" Azzara, or nearly any "/who Sister" if interested in joining The Silvermoon Sisterhood.

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Surfin' Ratchet

Deadtara Surfin' Ratchet

Having never inhabited any of World of Warcraft's role playing realms nor ever played any other online or, for that matter, off-line games with a role-playing component, despite my ripe old gamer's age, I [copula] no veteran wizard or warrior of any the many Evil Spawn d'Dungeons & Dragons, paper and weird dice, face-to-face, role-playing legacy -- Not I.

None of that, I would, at first blush, seem the last person fit to conjecture upon the state or nature, or whatever else you might here have, of role playing on a World of Warcraft RPPvP Realm, in the instant, my ever-present-to-me case upon Lightninghoof. Though my World of Origin be Dethecus.

I respectfully disagree, for one and only one reason: that my shame in playing a role, in not knowing my way, not knowing how to feel my way, as I and as almost already->{!} every last one of us do in "real life," on its face, qualifies me at least to snipe from the shadowy shallow end of the pool, one amongst the we, the great unwashed, the unleavened mass of potential role-playing converts.

How many Scarlet Converts and other reaches of their insideous Order, have I, Undead, slaughtered in Her Name across my proliferating lives?

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