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Fishing Camp Mojache


Fishing Camp Mojache

The best fishing is not always the safest fishing. The likelihood of being rudely interrupted while peacefully minding your own business and trying to reel in a catch is another reason, besides the skill bonus, to get your hands on a serious rod. A good pole is also a good weapon.

The Big Iron Fishing Pole delivers 19 dps in an emergency, as well as providing a +20 fishing skill boost. That makes the Big Iron Fishing Pole comparable to most staves one can wield at level 25, when you can first use the Big Iron if your fishing skill is 100 or over, and better than most one-handed swords until level 30. And unlike those other weapons, the Big Iron Fishing Pole does not soul-bind, so every bit of gold you spend getting one you're likely to get back on resale when you graduate to a better pole. Very few items in the virtual world of WoW are actually a good investment, when you get down to computing costs versus benefits, but the Big Iron Fishing Pole is indisuptably one of them.

When it comes to doing double duty as a weapon, however, both the Big Iron Fishing Pole and even the Fishing Extravaganza prize, the Arcanite Fishing Pole, pale beside Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000, which not only delivers a +25 fishing skill boost but also a mighty whack of 38.8 dps. If you're a caster, that's better than most swords, daggers, and maces you'll ever wield, when it comes right down to it. It's crying shame you can't put a Fiery Enchant on the thing.

Whichever rod you use, some of the best and certainly the safest fishing in contested territory is right inside Camp Mojache in Feralas, at the stream that flows through town and under the bridge, before cascading down a waterfall into Wildwind Lake below.

Raw RedgillRaw Redgill: the most common fish in the stream. You end up with more of these than you can use, but I generally take away two stacks, one reserved in the bank and another in my bags. Cooked, at 46.4 hps (health per second) up to 1392 health over 30 seconds, Filet of Redgill is a tasty between fight snack, even if you don't have time or need to finish eating them. The recipe is available from Kelesy Yance in Booty Bay.

Raw Sunscale SalmonRaw Sunscale Salmon: One of the two good reasons you came here to fish. Most plentify during the day, when the Nightfin Snapper are hiding, the Sunscale Salmon, poached, provides a modest 32.4 hps quick treat (874 health over 27 seconds) but one that keeps on healthful giving for another 10 minutes at 6 health every 5 seconds. Every visit to Feralas, I look to replenish the stack I keep always handy in my bags. The recipe for Poached Sunscale Salmon sold by Gikkix in Steamwheedle Port out on the east coast of Tanaris.

Raw Nightfin SnapperRaw Nightfin Snapper: The other good reason you came here here to fish. Most catchable at night, Raw Nightfin Snapper, souped up with some Fresh Spring Water into Nightfin Soup is a 32.4 hps meal (874 health over 27 seconds) that, more importantly, keeps the spellcasters among us fresh and trim with 8 mana every five seconds for 10 minutes more. Even if you don't need mana yourself, this dish is great to take along on instance parties and share with spellcasters who often have difficulty staying topped up while rapidly rolling from kill to kill. The recipe is also sold by Gikkix in Steamwheedle Port, Tanaris. A good out-of-the-way goblin to visit, he sells the recipes for Spotted Yellowtail and Grilled Squid, too.

Oily BlackmouthOily Blackmouth: The Dark Prince of Resale Fish. Market prices vary wildly on these fish, from times when it seems you can't even give them away, to times when they easily command as much as 4g a stack. On a good long session, where you get all the Nightfin or Salmon you came for, the Camp Mojache stream will cough up a good half stack of these sickly-looking things. I'm not an alchemist, so I happily bank them until I have a full stack and market conditions are prime. If you need more Oily Blackmouth, try the nearby coast of Feralas, where schools are often to be spotted in the Verdantis estuary as it meanders to the sea.

Lightning EelLightning Eel: The great rumor fish. This fish is supposed one day to have some purpose as a reagent, but to date, desipte being a white rather than a grey item, no one's found any use for it except as pet food. Rumors that it has some special properties as big cat food haven't been borne out in casual field tests by Hunters I know.

Raw Mithril Head TroutRaw Mithril Head Trout: The least worthy fish in the stream. But you won't catch very many of them at this location, so no harm throwing them back when you do.

Treant Muisek quest: Waiting for Wandering Forest Walker

Fishing a bit upstream from Camp Mojache waiting for Wandering Forest Walkers to come to you is better than riding around everywhere trying to hunt down three for the Treant Muisek quest.




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